IMG_3459Hi, I’m Courtney.  I am a foodie, bit of a health nut and even got my BS in Exercise Science.  Yes, that’s a real degree 😉  I’m looking to be as healthy as possible, while not spending all my time in the kitchen.  Or driving anyone crazy with rules to follow.  You’ll find easy, healthy recipes and tips here.  I’m also a wife and mother of 3.  I love to eat, work-out, travel, and read.  Hanging out with my family goes without saying.

Back in the late 90s I was working with a patient who had had a brain infection that left him with a traumatic brain injury.  His doctors recommend the book The Omega Diet by Artemis P. Simopooulos, M.D., and Jo Robinson.  Healing your brain with food?  That was news to me.

I don’t subscribe to any one eating philosophy, but rather eat real, whole foods.  This means you’ll see some vegetarian recipes, some Paleo , some dairy free, some with nuts, some without.  Besides a shellfish allergy, we eat almost everything.  I love trying new recipes and aim to give an honest opinion of the many dishes and cookbooks I try out.


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