Pomegranates: freeing the seeds without the mess


I’ve been enjoying pomegranates for years, but only recently learned to score the skin.  I’ve used the ‘close my eyes and just cut through the pomegranate and hope I don’t stain the counter or my shirt’ method.  I’ve used the ‘underwater’ method, where the seeds sink, the rest floats, and all juice is contained.  But scoring the pomegranate is my favorite.  If you score the skin (i.e. cut part of the way through it), you can then pull apart the two sides without breaking open any of the seeds.  Or arils as they are also called.  Who actually calls them this is beyond me.  I’m sticking with seeds.    IMG_6126

No juice=no stains!

UnknownWhat is your preferred method to seed a pomegranate?  I attempted the whacking method for all of .5 seconds before I determined that wasn’t for me.


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